Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2023 - He's back!!

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Bottom post of the previous page:

Seb also had his Senna McLaren there with a rather unique crash helmet design especially for the run. A mix of Senna's Brazilian and his own German colours. Also sporting his "Race without Trace" overalls. Good to see him the centre of attraction as he parked his McLaren outside the front of Goodwood house and walked through the crowd signing autographs as he made his way up onto the balcony to do an interview with Karun Chandok and give a little plug for sustainability and motor racing moving to embrace it.

Jenson Button had fun in the Garage 56 NASCAR Le Mans Camaro to close the Goodwod FOS with.

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Some of the mistakes they were making in identifying the NASCAR cars and drivers were cringeworthy. The woman was even fabricating utterly fake stories.
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@Everso Biggyballies I saw his helmet and all the nice things people were saying about what a lovely guy Seb is. I knew that anyway. He got a lot of love on twitter for the way he behaved.

I did also see him with Jenson Button too. Now Jenson't wife is complaining about her recent flight where the seat on the plane scratched her £20,000 handbag!! Some people :omg:
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