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Hello from Turin


Post by paololanuit »

Greetings to all of you.

My name is Paolo (LaNuit)
Me & motorsport....

In the late 60's my toy cars raced on the floor at home.

In the mid-70s I started following F1, my first GP, on black and white TV: Monaco 1975. Great Niki!
...and then local rallies and other motor competitions.

At the end of the 80s, on the Win PCs of the time, I played with various simulators including GPL.

This winter, out of curiosity, I reinstalled GPL on Win XP. Searching for information I discovered the entire evolution of the game! so I created a Win 10 partition (on my Linux) to fully enjoy the various mods.

Now the dream of driving the legendary cars of the 60s has come true with GP Legends and I am happy as a child!!

Why LaNuit? At night I create videos. Some of these concerne Motorsport, especially local races.

You can find dedicated playlists on my channel: YouTube@PaoloLaNuit .

I discovered this community, with really interesting content, through GPL where I feel like a rookie!

I'll look through my photos, because I think I have some interesting shots for the Nostalgia section.

See you soon!
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Post by erwin greven »

Brian Redman: "Mr. Fangio, how do you come so fast?" "More throttle, less brakes...."
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Post by Star »

Welcome to the forum @paololanuit :cool:

You sound like you know your stuff and I am sure you will find that you fit in well here and hopefully will enjoy it too. Just dive in and get chatting :happy:
Just so you know, I am a woman

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Welcome @paololanuit to TFL. Enjoy your time here and look forward to your contributions. You will find a number of others here with a love of 60's F1. :mates: :thumbsup:

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