Your favorite non-mainstream/amateur/grassroots racing series? (or, racing's best secret)

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Your favorite non-mainstream/amateur/grassroots racing series? (or, racing's best secret)


Post by Cheeveer »

Lately, I've started to enjoy more and more grassroots and amateur racing, kind off as an escape from the politics, economics and bickering of F1, MotoGP, V8SC, GT3s, etc. It is so refreshing to watch racing that has no raison d'être from an economical POV, but exists solely for the love of racing (if that makes sense to you). Nothing corporate, no glamour, just the good old boys going at it. Where the charm outweights the expense. You could also put it this way: what is racing's best secret at the moment?

Some of the series I've been watching includes Trans-Am TA2 in the US and whatever late model series both on dirt and asphalt, the Mini Miglia in the UK, and Touring Car Masters in Australia. Then I also appreciate the lesser classes in the NLS/Nürburging 24, and of course my favorite domestic Swedish championship V8 Thundercars (same cars as in TA2).

So what are your favorite grassroots/amateur/non-mainstream racing series?
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Post by erwin greven »

I love to watch the already mentioned Trans Am and TA2 races. Some former NASCAR drivers run there. Also US series like World Racing League and ChampCar Endurance Series.
Further of course Creventic 24h Series, which is tbh not mainstream, but attracts top drivers sometimes. Like last week at Mugello. Romain Dumas and Sebastien Loeb ran in the 2x6 hour race.
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Post by MonteCristo »

I would recommend anyone interested in motorsport to one day attend a sprintcar event.

You might not love it. It's just short oval racing, after all.

But it's totally different to road/closed course racing, paved oval racing, and even sedans on dirt or paved ovals.

It's an experience.
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