Old aerial shots of circuits (incl. Silverstone, Brands...)

Racing events, drivers, cars or anything else from the past.
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Manfred Cubenoggin
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Bottom post of the previous page:

WOW! Great shot of Balcarce. :)
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No spectator facilities?
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Michael Ferner wrote: 5 months ago No spectator facilities?
What do you mean.... there is ground to walk on, bushes to go behind for a pee, probably even something to sit on. And not a security fence or person in sight. What other facilities do you need? :idunno:

(Its ok Michael I do realise there was a note of sarcasm in your post :wink: )

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There is a whole track to spectate on, what more to you want.
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Hockenheim in 1968, plus some closeups of the old corners from before the Motodrom was built:





https://www.stuttgarter-nachrichten.de/ ... eschichten
https://www.leo-bw.de/web/guest/detail/ ... Oftersheim
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