3 requests about some fatal crashes.

Post your requests for pictures, videos or documents here and we will find it for you!
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3 requests about some fatal crashes.


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hi guys, in the last days i've encountered some stuff, thanks to some casual findings and some PM i've received last week.

This one is an hour report on this fatal crash http://motorsportmemorial.org/focus.php?db=ct&n=6728. There is also a 13 minutes recap here:

If some spanish language speaker can tell me if the 1 hour documentary has more interesting content than the 13 minutes recap. i've cheked and i didn't seen any actual images of the crash, but sadly i can't understand the interview that well.

At 2.40 there is footage of the infamous debris incident in the 1987 indy 500. Uploader said that he found the footage in one of the ESPN Speedweek from 1987, but i didn't manage to find it.

here there is some live footage of Danny Milburn's fatal crash in 1991, i didn't manage to find the full race, i hope someone has it.
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