Lost, Misplaced And Unavailable Footage And Pics (54 Items On List)

Post your requests for pictures, videos or documents here and we will find it for you!
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Lost, Misplaced And Unavailable Footage And Pics (54 Items On List)


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This is a list of the above. Some of the items are in all probablility "mythological" (marked :angry: ), but most are actual existing things, which please post or send to us, should you possess them, or post links, if you discover them somewhere. Do so as replies in the linked-to discussion topics, as I will lock this topic. It is only a list.

The individual items have been discussed on the forum in the past, and the topics are still online.

There are obviously more videos we know about, but they are for the most part from commercial video sites (status: offline), and there are already topics listing those.

My comments in blue.


Fatal accident videos (24):

1915 Film footage from a Tacoma Speedway movie documentary, supposedly showing the wreck scene of the fatal crash of Carlson/Frantzen.


Discussion here:


1929 Lee Bible's fatal LSR accident with the White Triplex. A cameraman was filming at the time of the accident, which killed him also. This film may somehow miraculously have survived, and actually show something.

1950 Skimp Hersey: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=2606 Lakewood. :angry:

Someone from the other forum (and not Atlas) a long time ago claimed to have seen this, but I doubt it exists, because someone else would have seen it by now.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=675 .

1960 Jimmy Bryan: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus.php?db=ct&n=91 Langhorne.

Mentioned on another forum as private footage that the person claimed to be in his family's possession.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=13894 .

1963 "Bino" Heins: https://www.britishpathe.com/video/VLVA ... atal+crash

Video is required in a version WITH audio.

1971 Richard Minges: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =a&n=10123 and Victor Baker: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =a&n=10124 , Edwin Snyder: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =a&n=10129 and Joseph Quinn: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =a&n=10130 Cape May (2 seperate crashes).

16mm footage showing at least one of the 2 fatal accidents has been for sale on eBay, but the total price of purchasing and converting was out of the question at the time, and it does not appear to be available any longer. 4 pics were saved from the item presentation. Maybe someone else has bought it, and then with any luck it will appear on [YT] one day. It is not clear which accident(s) is/are shown, in these 4 pics, but they must be from the fatal crashes.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=13449 .

1971 https://www.britishpathe.com/video/VLVA ... atal+crash

Interview with Beltoise, about the death of Giunti. Video is required in a version WITH audio.

1972 Norbert Kürschner and Rainer Schmidt, Ford Escort Cup, Saarlouis: http://motorsportmemorial.org/focus.php?db=ct&n=1548

Aftermath video exists in the archive of the Saarländischer Rundfunk.

Discussed here:

Note there is great doubt that the above accident was indeed fatal.

1977 Kazuhiro Ohashi: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus.php?db=ct&n=285 and Kengo Yuasa http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus.php?db=ct&n=668 Fuji. :angry:

Supposed amateur footage of the accident between Villeneuve and Peterson. Probably another hoax, as the footage would surely have appeared by now.

Discussed here: [link to topic]

1979 Dennis Wade: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=2465 Atlanta Motor Speedway.

I have not seen this video, but Motorsportrace has. Unfortunately, the clip wasn't downloaded.

Discussed here: [link to topic]

1981 Don Vogler: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus.php?db=ct&n=538 Indianapolis Speedrome.

Mentioned by a former(?) member of the Poweruser-group at mm.org. He claimed to have seen it himself.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=11033 .

1991 Paul Warwick: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus.php?db=ct&n=239 Oulton Park.

Footage is withheld from the public, by request from his family. Apparently, there are at least 2 angles.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=32&t=6030 .

1992 Marcel Albers: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus.php?db=ct&n=681 Thruxton.

Motorsportrace has once read on another forum that a video of the crash exists. That may even be true, and it is probably withheld for the same reason as Warwick's, see above.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=86&p=211447&hilit= ... eo#p211447 .

2003 Candace Bryant Brown: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=2575 Five County Raceway.

I have seen this several times, but I couldn't download it. I grabbed two thumbnails. It was a video showing the removal of the wreck.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=70&p=359611&hilit=Candace#p359611 .

2006 Oliver Bleich: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=4478 and David Langheinrich: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=4477 Sachsen-Rallye.

I have seen this several times, but I couldn't download it. I grabbed the thumbnail. It was a video showing the removal of the wreck.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5270 .

2006 Peter Brock's fatal accident: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=5264

This newspaper front page: http://www.the-fastlane.co.uk/images/Benhuset/videobrock.jpg suggests that Peter Brock's fatal accident was recorded on film. Actual crash and not aftermath.

2006 Ambros Herger-Koch: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=5310 Hittnau.

I have seen this several times, but I couldn't download it. It showed another angle of the accident, and was in RealPlayer format.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=80&t=5534 .

2007 Vladimir Saponov's crash in the Golden Autumn Rally in Vladivostok, Russia:

2 video angles, one onboard, one aftermath, and possibly also at least 2 photos.
Sedre wrote:And one more accident which I know to have video/photos - Vladimir Saponov, 2007 Golden Autumn Rally in Vladivostok (http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... ct&n=12564). I know that video from on-board camera exist as it was used for police investigation as well as video of aftermath was used in several local TV programs and one local racing magazine but I didn't acquire any of them. Local racing federation made statement that they don't want to video/photos to be published anywhere expect these programs and magazines and threat offenders with court but that statement was in 2007 so I think that they already forgot about it.
2007 Jack Thompson: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ms&n=6140 Pukekohe.

The footage was mentioned here: http://tvnz.co.nz/content/1019781 but this page is now also offline. Footage is withheld from the public, by request from his family.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=12295 .

2010 Neal Parker: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=9690 Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.

I have never seen this, and I couldn't download it, as it was offline. I grabbed the thumbnail, which shows the wreck, seen from the air, in a video from CBS

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=75&p=331828#p331828 .

2010 Lionel Régal: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=9763 Saint-Ursanne - Les Rangiers.

I have seen this several times, but I couldn't download it. I grabbed the thumbnail or a pic from the video, which showed the scene of the accident long after the removal of the wreck. It has apparently also been on [YT].

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=80&t=11941 .

2010 Alexandre Alves Diaz: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... ct&n=11331 and Philomène Alves Diaz: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... ct&n=11332 Rallye de Paris (displacement stage).

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=70&p=334331&hilit= ... ne#p334331 .

I have never seen this, and I couldn't download it, as it was offline. I grabbed the thumbnail, showing the wreck.

2014 Simon Andrews' fatal crash in the North West 200.

The race was broadcast live on BBC Northern Ireland's website, and the crash was shown live.

Andy claims to have seen it: viewtopic.php?p=346182#p346182 , so we of course assume that it does. Other videos may also exist, but we know only for sure about that one.


Fatal accident pics (13):

1958 Lorgio Cáceda, Segundo Vigo & J. Gamarra in practice for the Gran Premio Internacional Santiago-Lima:

http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=9157
http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=9158
http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=9159
Sedre wrote:In this group www.facebook.com/groups/41939802623 there is comment which said that picture of wreck was published in some of local newspaper:
Hugo E. Contreras Morales wrote:Falleció días antes de Atocongo 1958. "La Prensa" publicó en su primera plana fotos del accidente, con Chachi Dibós cerca del lugar de la tragedia y hasta un diagrama de cómo pudo haber sido el despiste y testimonios de una familia que tenía su coche cerca (cambiaban la llanta).
1960 Harry Schell: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus.php?db=ct&n=215 Silverstone.

At least one photo to do with this is in the archive of PA Images (UK). They are unfortunately unwilling to share this material.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=15480

1976 Jean-Luc Magnier: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=3132 24 Heures d'Ypres.

This is what was said, where Sedre found it:
Bonjour, je connais bien la tragédie de ce Alpine en 1976. Ceci a été un accident plus terrible que ce de la Alpine BP, la voiture a été effective dans les pièces. Du respect, je ne veux pas publier ces photos. Mais ici une photo de Ypres - kemmelberg avant l'accident.


"Hello, I know the tragedy of this Alpine in 1976. This was a more terrible accident than that of the Alpine BP, the car was effectively in the parts. Due to respect, I do not want to publish these photos. But here a photo of Ypres - kemmelberg before the accident".

So, at least 2 photos. They count as 2.

Discussed here: http://forum-auto.caradisiac.com/sport- ... #t14701408

1977 Matthias Schäfer's fatal crash in the Frohburger Dreieck Rennen.

We have encountered a problem ordering this photo from source, so it hasn't come to light yet.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=16235

1977 Aleksandr Lebedev: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... ct&n=12213 Nevskoe Koltso.

Sedre's info:
... В 1977г " Невское кольцо" Александр Лебедев погиб за рулем "Эстония 18" во время гонки.

Это было страшное зрелище...есть фото...


"...In 1977 at Neva Ring. Aleksandr Lebedev was killed at the wheel of Estonia 18 during race."

Amar Mamoyan (Амар Мамоян) citing Mikhail Kuzmin's message in another social network.

"That was horrible witness...photo exist...".

So, at least one photo. Counts as one.

Discussed here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... ater&ifg=1

1984 Vladimir Devyatkin: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... ct&n=12734

Sedre knows someone who says she has photos (at least 2, count as 2) of this accident. "Also I'll ask one person about Vladimir Devyatkin's crash (http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... ct&n=12734) as I talked to her earlier and she said that she have somewhere photos of his accident".

Discussed here: [link to topic]

2006 Edmond Thorne's fatal truck crash at Houston Motorsport Park:

http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... =ct&n=3864
Jesper Hvid wrote:Fatal accident some two weeks ago at Houston Motorsport Park, where a truck driver crashed after passing the finishing line.

*** Warning: the following link leads to a pic of the aftermath of a fatal crash ***

http://www.click2houston.com/news/61485 ... d=10100242#

*** Warning: the above link leads to a pic of the aftermath of a fatal crash ***

EDIT: He was Edmond Thorne, an experienced drag racer. Here is another link: http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?secti ... id=3815044 END EDIT.
2011 Nathan Woods: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... ms&n=10085 Honolulu Hills Raceway.

Motorsportrace had these (2), but they were unfortunately deleted. I have not been able to locate them. Description of the images: "If it can help, one of the (supposed) Nathan Wood photos showed him on a stretcher, with two girls hugging each other, and an ambulance near them".

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=14428 .

2012 Mike Rooke, Australian TC race crash at Mallala: http://www.motorsportmemorial.org/focus ... ct&n=10663

At least two photos were taken of the wreck.

Discussed here: http://www.performanceforums.com/forums ... t841889695


Non-fatal accident videos (7):

1953 Mike Nazaruk's accident in race for AAA sprintcars (Midwestern C'ship), at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

A TV-cameraman could have recorded the accident, before he was assaulted by officials at the track.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=15832 .

1957 Pete Corey's Langhorne pit crash aftermath, with 4 injured persons.

Seen on [YT] by theracer120, a long time ago.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=10764&p=170161&hil ... ey#p170161 .

1950s/60s An USAC openwheeler dirt track "big crash" compilation video from [YT].

I have this video, and I will upload it and repost the topic when I find it, again. It has been binned for the time being.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=12409 (in recycle bin, you cannot see it).

1964 Denise McCluggage's crash in the 6 Hours of Brands Hatch.

Video by wildturnip or in a review/compilation video.

1975 Jim McElreath's crash in the Hulman Classic USAC sprintcar race at Terre Haute was possibly recorded by ABC-TV, who were present at the event.

Discussed here: www.the-fastlane.co.uk/forums/viewtopic ... 75#p370675

1983 John Nielsen's crash in lap record attempt in F1 car, at Jyllands-Ringen.

The only Danish TV-channel back then was DR (Danmarks Radio). I think they would have sent someone out there to record this, but I can't recall having seen it. It is however, very likely. I have tried to find it in the DR website archive, but I have never actually asked them directly.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=86&p=167535&hilit= ... en#p167535

2002 Jason Priestley's aftermath in the IRL Infinity Pro Series (Indy Lights). Kentucky Speedway.

This was for sale back then on a site that no longer exists. It was someone who sold news clips on NTSC. I unfortunately never got around to ordering the video.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=86&p=32730&hilit=J ... tly#p32730


Non-fatal accident pics (7):

1930s Al Thiesen's wreck at Brazil Speedway.

I failed to download it. It was on this page: http://wthompson4.sports.officelive.com ... eweek.aspx

Pic of the Week for August 10 - August 15, 2008
(scroll 4/5ths of the way down)".

Discussed in binned topic which still exists.

1967 Two different pics from Macau MC GP, one was a wreck in water, the other was a crash, ejecting the rider.

They were found somewhere on this site: http://www.motofan.com.hk/motofan/index.php

Discussed in binned topic which still exists.

1971 Richard Petty's crash in the NASCAR Winston 500. Talladega.

I failed to download it (wasn't really into stock cars, big mistake), when I had the opportunity, and the original poster is no longer active on the forum, but I may possibly have found another version of it (posted in below topic), but I can't remember the first one, so I am not quite sure.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=12719 .

1976 Incident at Lancaster in 1976:

http://www.vintagemodifieds.com/remembe ... -Wreck.htm
Bill Cane of Rochester started the 40-lap NEARA Modified feature from the pole and led the first four laps. The caution flag flew for the first time when Dale Merz spun his 4D Gremlin and Evans was forced to pit to change a tire. On the restart, the starter determined Sege Fidanza was too far ahead and allegedly did not throw the green flag. According to reports, drivers saw the first-turn flagman throw the caution flag for the aborted restart and cars stacked up on the front chute. Involved in the wreck were Dean Hoag, Johnny MacDonald and Dan Swain. MacDonald's Corvair took the worst of it and drivers voiced their opinion to track owner Jim Vollertsen during the clean-up period.
- from: http://www.vintagemodifieds.com/remembe ... -20-02.htm

The site has disappeared, and I didn't save the image/images.

1982 At least two "graphic" photos to do with Eddie Jackson's career-ending midget accident at Craig Road Speedway, Las Vegas exist.

Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=14561&p=370220&hil ... on#p370220

Unfortunately, I did not save this. If The Ost no longer has it, it is possibly lost. COUNTS AS THREE PICS IN ONE FILE.

2005 Sebring: "The Courage C65/Judd spins and high-centers itself on the curbing today, at Sebring, during the 12 hour race."

http://www.racecarsgalore.com/pics/cras ... Primat.jpg <--- filename.


Total videos: 31.

Total pics: 23.

Grand total items 54.
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